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Lume Projects specialises in homes that respond to nature through their form, materials and sustainability. We strive to understand our clients' needs and priorities on a personal level and each aspect of our projects is executed with the greatest care. We are passionate about enriching lives through architecture.

Design at Lume Projects considers three main principles: flexibility, environmental sensitivity and aesthetic qualities.

1. Flexibility

Although a home is permanent, it can be designed to meet the various and changing needs of its occupants over time.

From hour to hour
Our designs provide appropriate contrast between spaces that are intimate, introspective and contemplative, and spaces that are open, extroverted and flooded with light. In a Lume house you will find the perfect space to inhabit, whatever your mood.

From season to season
We believe seasons are more than just temperature changes. Our designs provide spaces in which to physically and emotionally experience seasonal variations, from the shady verandas filled with family and friends in the summer, to the cosy window seat inviting you to curl up in the winter.

From year to year
Our designs have flexible spaces that can adapt to the changing needs of growing children and the elderly. You should only have to build your house once.

2. Environmental Sensitivity

Designing a home with sensitivity to its geographical climate and its physical surroundings helps to lessen its environmental impact. Our homes are designed with sunlight, temperature, wind, rainfall and humidity in mind, maximising comfort for the occupants and reducing the need for artificial light and air conditioning.

At Lume, we also believe that a light environmental footprint can only be achieved with the principle of ‘wisdom in economy’, meaning that spaces should be built to the right size, rather than the maximum space affordable. This spatial efficiency not only satisfies the needs of our clients, but also improves energy efficiency, enlarges garden space and eliminates unnecessary costs.

We endeavour to use natural, renewable and recyclable materials where possible.

3. Aesthetic Qualities

A home should be both functional and beautiful in order to enrich the lives of its inhabitants. Lume’s houses are designed with the following aesthetic principles in mind.

  • A home should have a clean, minimalist form proportioned  according to principles such as balance, symmetry,  hierarchy and the Golden Section.
  • A home should respect the unique cultural and  architectural history of the surrounding area through its form  and materials.
  • A home should be built from materials in or as close to their  natural form as possible to lend it honesty and authenticity.
Lume Design Philosophy Images
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